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Current Obsessions, Monochrome Edition


A Black & White Situation 

Our newest discoveries in the most iconic color story in the book — from pared-back utilitarian staples to the artful details that impart a necessary punch of fun. Whether you're seeking the elementally simple or a pop of avant drama, these are the monochrome moments we're loving. 




For The Bathroom

Accents that add lean on quality and texture, adding dimension sans clutter.


The opposite of basic: A study in bold and geometric graphics, textured marble, and black iron.



Make a (literal) statement with prints that marry minimalist moments and a point of view.

Trade Newsletter No. 4: Rugs


Introducing Armadillo & Co.
Designed in Australia and handmade by artisans in India, all Armadillo & Co floor rugs are handmade, sustainably crafted and only use natural fibres for added luxury and warmth. 
Another great thing about Armadillo & Co is the wide selection of rugs available in varying sizes and material/color composition. Many of which are in stock and ready to ship from their US warehouse. 
Peruse the full sample collection next Tuesday at our Armadillo & Co. event. Scroll down for details. 


Join us next Tuesday, August 27 at Nannie Inez as our special guest, Amanda Mantville, National Director with Armadillo & Co. will give an overview of the brand and new collection, as well as discuss trade options and pricing. 

Discussion starts promptly at 10am. Light refreshments will be served.
Kindly RSVP below. 



MASSIMO Copenhagen

A shop favorite, Massimo was founded in Copenhagen in 2001 by Mads Frandsen. Each rug is unique and entirely handmade based on centuries-old tradition and technique, seeking to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present. Massimo uses the finest natural yarns, creating rugs that are precious, unique and having a long lasting value.

Suitable for residential and commercial use in areas with moderate traffic. Custom sizes available. 


Our best selling floor mat is a blend of style and durability. 

Constructed with a thick rubber backing to prevent slipping, this mat was specifically created to handle heavy foot traffic.  It's no secret we've been big Heymat fans for years as we love a brand with a good back story- Heymat is actually a spin-off from an industrial cleaning firm in Northern Norway. Their many years of experience from leasing mats to commercial and industrial enterprises throughout Northern Norway taught them how to keep dirt out of their customers’ premises.

These floor mats also get huge bonus points for being machine washable!


Handpicked Apothecary Faves


Our latest collection of tried and true and new arrivals in apothecary will have you blocking out your calendar for some me time. We have two major back in stock announcements as bountiful supplies of our signature Nannie Inez collection arrived this month, as well as our best selling Frama hand soap and lotion.

We also have new fragrances by Abel, new burners and oils and other treasures that we can't wait for you to enjoy.  And to celebrate the senses, we're offering a Kerzon scent sachet with your $45 or more apothecary purchase (while supplies last). 




Following a failed search for a natural perfume that was chic, modern and long lasting. Abel was founded in Amsterdam by New Zealander Frances Shoemack with a simple goal - to create the world’s best natural perfume.

Not only are the scents heavenly, but they're all natural ingredients evolve on your skin and work with your natural body chemistry to create a unique scent. 



Nose-tingling Sichuan pepper and fresh basil open this traditional floral bouquet where its namesake iris shines among a showstopping lineup of rose, jasmine, and natural musk. 


Top notes of Fleur l'orange, Bulgarian rose, lentisque. A soft, calming fragrance that reminds a mother to take care of herself while also taking care of her little one.

Oil Burners & Oils

We aspire to create those ordinary moments that can become those of ritual. Nothing seems to do that as quickly as a beautiful oil burner paired with essential oil. 

New to the shop is the Vitruvi's Stone Diffuser. Its sleek design elevates any space, whether placed on a nightstand or living room shelf or in the office.  And our clients are already raving about her beautiful subtle nighttime glow.

The Addition Studio Synergy Oil Diffuser is literally a one of a kind piece. The diffuser oil burner is carved from a solid piece of stone and as such, each piece is unique.

Our Nannie Inez essential oils are made with love in Austin and can be used on the skin or diffused. 


Frama Collection 

Since it's arrival last summer, we've had a hard time keeping the Frama line on our shelves and for good reason. The hand lotion and hand soap emcompass a fresh, aromatic scent with notes of Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, and Ylang Ylang.

Made locally in Denmark, the collection is produced with 100% natural ingredients and in stunning Italian glass bottles that are perfect for display.


 We're Also Loving.... 

If you didn't think you could ever get excited about laundry (yeah, us either), our new Kerzon's Place des Vosges Liquid Laundry soap may just sway you- because it's definitely made us enjoy it more! 

We handpicked a few of the goods that continue to put a little pep in our step. 



HAY Living Room Sale

HAY Living Room Sale 

Isn't she lovely? Our HAY Mags Soft Sectional Sofa has arrived and is quickly becoming one of our most popular attractions in the shop.  If you've been curious about HAY sofas and side-tables, we invite you to pop in our Austin shop to experience all of our new floor models. 

And we're excited to partner with HAY on their summer living room promotion. Now through 8/22, shop online and in-store and take 15% off HAY sofas, rugs, coffee tables, and more.



 New Floor Models

Our newest arrivals are directly inspired from our spring journeys to 3daysofdesign and Stockholm Design Week. You may recall us gushing over the curves of Ferm Living's Rico series or professing or love for textured lampshades.  

We're pleased to share those with you and so much more with new must-see floor models from HAY, GUBI, Muuto, MENU, and Normann Copenhagen. And we're not exaggerating when we say the MENU Plinth literally took our breath away when it arrived in the shop last Friday. 

                                                                                SHOP NEW FLOOR MODELS


Gubi 9602 Floor Lamp
Muuto Loft Stool

Gubi 5321 Shell Lamp 

Gubi Bat Lounge Chair
Muuto Enfold Sideboard

 Ferm Living Rico Lounge Chair

Menu Plinth in Rose Marble


Normann Copenhagen Eddy Table Lamp

Nannie Inez + Frond Plant Shop Perfect Plant Pairings Recap

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our event on Thursday. It was great seeing new faces and reconnecting with familiar ones.  We also want to extend a massive thank you to Sara with Frond Plant Shop for answering all our plant questions and for setting up the fabulous Frond pop-up in our shop. 
Below are the FAQs with common plant questions and tips in case you weren't able to grab a sheet at the event or you couldn't make it.
On behalf of the Nannie Inez team, we hope to see you again soon!


What does overwatering look like? Signs of overwatering include yellowing leaves and black stems. To fix this, pluck yellow leaves and cut away any soft black spots. Make sure there isn’t damage to the roots by removing plant from its pot and shaking soil from roots. If there are any mushy roots, cut them away. Repot plant with fresh soil and reduce the amount or frequency of water from before.

What does under watering look like? If your plant isn’t getting enough water or humidity you will first see browning, crispy edges on the leaves of your plant. Also, many plants will droop when they’re thirsty. Water immediately. Closely observe the plant and increase the frequency of watering if needed.

How to know when your plant needs to be repotted? If your plant seems to be doing well but is growing slowly or not at all could be a sign that your plant needs to be repotted. Also, if the soil doesn't absorb water very well, it could need a soil-refresh. When repotting, we suggest increasing the pot size by no more than 2 inches.

Leaving the plant in nursery container vs. repotting? This is all about personal preference! If you have a planter with a drainage hole then repotting is great. Houseplants can cause some worry when it comes to interior surfaces and the dirt and water/moisture. For this reason we like the “double-potting” method. The decorative planter acts as a cachepot and the nursery container has sufficient drainage to keep the soil fresh.

Pot size vs. plant size? Industry-standard in nurseries is to sell plants that are at their max size per pot size. With that said, not all plants like to be immediately repotted when transferred to a new environment. Ask about your plant’s needs to determine if it would benefit from a repotting. Sometimes you can repot with fresh soil in the same size container and don’t necessarily have to go up a pot size.

Reading your plant leaves? Basic rules of a green thumb:

  • —Yellow Leaves = Over-watering
  • —Brown Leaves = Under-watering
  • —Droopy Leaves = Under-watering
  • —Dropping/Falling Leaves = Insufficient light or over-watering
  • —Dark spots = Over-watering or fungus/pests


  • —Sansevieria “Snake” “Mother-in-laws’s-tongue”
  • —Zamioculous Zamifolia “ZZ”
  • —Philodendron Cordatum
  • —Peperomia
  • —Aralia ‘Fabian’


(the idea here - plants that you might see often as trendy plants but are actually not so easy to care for)

  • 1. Ficus Lyrata “Fiddle Leaf Fig”: These plants struggle to adjust to new environments which is why they’re on this list but when you overcome that, they’re actually pretty low maintenance.
  • 2. Philodendron Xanandu: These plants are usually easy but insufficient light can lead to problems due to overwatering.
  • 3. Ferns: Because if you’re a forgetful waterer like me, they go down quick without proper watering. If your fern looks dead just cut it back and keep watering. You’ll most likely see new growth in a few days.
  • 4. Dracaena: These drought tolerant plants are low maintenance if they’re receiving bright-indirect light but because of the fast growth and tightly packed leaves, they can attract bugs. Check the plant frequently and treat immediately.
  • 5. Cacti and Succulents: These plants really thrive best outside where they can get either direct sun or dappled light all day. If inside, make sure they have at least bright light all day. Let soil dry 100% before watering.


  • 1. Ficus Audrey: So hard to find but truly a beauty with light green velvety leaves.
  • 2. Maranta ‘Lemon Lime’ aka Prayer Plant: This particular plant is so striking with its lime green and dark green stripes.
  • 3. Monstera Deliciosa: This will always be a trending plant as far as we’re concerned. I call this my old-faithful. Each new leaf is a surprise and the care is surprisingly easy!
  • 4. Basically any hanging plant: When you’re a crazy plant lady and run out of floor space...wait! There’s the ceiling!

Perfect Planting Pairings Event with Frond Plant Shop

Perfect Plant Pairings with Frond 

We're partnering with Frond Plant Shop for an event that you won't want to miss. Join us this Thursday,  August 1 from 6:30-8pm as we chat all things plants with expert and Frond founder, Sara Garza-Barnes.  We'll cover all the plant basics as well as new plant trends. 

In addition to a Q&A with Sara, there will be a Frond Plant Shop pop-up and specials on our new planters and pots. 

We ask that you kindly RSVP at the link below as space is limited.


Pots & Planters Sale

Can't make it to the event?  For a limited time, take 10% off of new and best-selling pots and planters.  Shop favorites from Ferm Living, Serax, Louise Madzia and more. 

*Sale excludes HAY planters and pots. 




Nannie Inez + Frond Giveaway!

In honor of our perfect plant pairing event this Thursday, we're giving away one of our favorite new HAY pots filled with a little plant love from Frond.

We'll announce the winner 8/1. 


Linge Particulier & French Summer Tea Tasting

Linge Particulier & Tea Tasting 

We’re just going to say it: Linge Particulier’s French linen paired with Mariage Frères cold brew tea may be our favorite French summer duo yet. We’re sharing a few of our classic but best-selling summer pleasures from two of our most esteemed French brands: Linge Particulier and Mariage Frères. 

The demand for the Linge Particulier line has been overwhelming and for good reason, these luxurious textiles are light and airy yet perform their task with effortless style. And we have good news that we are fully restocked and with new color palettes!

If you haven’t experienced Mariage Frères iced teas, now’s your chance to join us in the shop on 7/27 for a tasting or take advantage of our tea sale happening until 8/4. 




Dish Towel 

Linen tea towels from Linge Particulier are offered in a perfectly subdued color palette and they are super absorbent too. But what really makes them special and probably the reason they were recently featured in Remodelista is because they double as an apron! I mean, how Frenchy cute is that?

See Remodelista feature here >


Linen Fringed Throw

It's the perfect throw for balmy summer temps. Our new, super lightweight linen throws are perfect for cuddling up on warm summer nights. 


Bath Mat

Linge's waffle bath mats are one of those sleeper best sellers at Nannie Inez. It's not a product that we scream and shout about but it quietly stays in its best seller lane mostly because it's one of those daily use items that elevates the mundane. 


French Summer Tea Tasting

Have you been wondering what's in those pretty Mariage Freres bottles at Nannie Inez?
Join us Saturday, July 27th, for an iced tea tasting event at Nannie Inez from 1-4.
 As an added treat, we'll have scrumptious macaroons compliments of Bakery Lorraine

10% off Summer Teas

For a limited time only, we're offering 10% off Mariage French Summer Tea collection.
Offer expires August 4th. Valid in-store and online. 



Armadillo & Co. Rugs now at Nannie Inez

 Armadillo & Co Rugs 

Australia based Armadillo & Co designs rugs with a philosophy respecting function and aesthetics in equal measure, as well as honesty in process and product and valuing what it means to live mindfully. The collection offer a range of handmade floor rugs, entrance mats and table tops suitable for interior living spaces or outdoor areas. Offering rich textures in a subtle natural color palette, the A&Co Classic collection is perfect for injecting warmth and personality into your home. Carefully hand woven by skilled artisans, the rugs are hard wearing and made from natural fibers including wool and hemp. 



Rug Samples Galore

Another great thing about Armadillo & Co is the wide selection of rugs available in varying sizes and material/color composition. Many of which are in stock and ready to ship from their US warehouse. Come in for a visit and peruse the full sample collection at Nannie Inez. 



What We're Loving This Summer

We aim to offer goods that can be used year round but come spring/summer, we can't help but be drawn to a lighter cooler palette and a more playful vibe with our accessories. Here's a round up a few items in particular that we are loving this season.



Notos Print & Cyclades Vase 

Notos, a limited edition print from RF. Alvarez is the perfect art piece to help usher in summer. Notos, the god of the south wind, brings warm and heavy weather, fills sailors sails on their journey home, and represents that languorous summertime where time slows down and days grow long. 

Shout out to MENU Cyclades Vase for being the perfect minimalist vessel for showing off the season's best peonies.  


Shell Rug

In the shape of some of the most marvelous wonders and creatures of the sea, the Shell Tufted Rug from Ferm Living can either be hung on a wall or placed on the floor. Whichever way you use them, they will leave their nautical mark on the room. Tufted by hand, the varying pile height creates a dynamic expression in the thick and cute rug.  

RF. Alvarez

RF Alvarez's work is certainly getting a lot of attention these days. 

In his latest collection, DESEO, antiquity, Ancient Mesoamerican civilizations and Renaissance references intermix to carve out a visual language that blends these heritages and imbues them with an iconographic modernity. We have a few pieces from the collection available and let us tell you, they are even better in person. 

The DESEO collection is only available at Nannie Inez. 

Shell Pot

This babe is so photogenic! The Shell Pot is our favorite accessory because it literally looks good anywhere you put it. Filled with your favorite plant (big fluffy fern) or all on its own, the pot shaped like a nautilus shell from Ferm Living mergers natural shapes and contemporary design. The matte finished exterior with glazed interior is a nice touch as well. 


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