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The Scents of Grasse, France

What fills the air of Grasse, France? There is more than the aroma of freshly baked pastries lingering from the shops that line the street. When you breathe deeply in Grasse, you breathe in the sophisticated scent of centuries of perfume making. Grasse, France has long been known as the perfume capital of the world, but there was a time when it was known for something much less pleasant. In the Middle Ages, Grasse was famous for leather tanning. However, when local tanner, Jean de Galimard, created scented gloves to cover the stench of the leather, it created a craze that resulted in a significant tax hike on leather. The high taxes erased the tanneries but left the perfumeries behind.

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Parfumerie Galimard was founded in 1747 and still leads the way in perfume making. Galimard, along with Fragonard and Molinard are still in operation, offering tours as well as personal scent making. However, there are also sixty other active fragrance companies today that carefully guard their scent secrets. Top perfumers, known as noses, study their craft in this historic city. Many well-known perfume companies' scents originate in this fragrant city, such as Le Labo and Byredo.

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