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Spring Forward

Ushering in our favorite season in Austin with objects, ideas, and experiences that embrace color and reference the tones, textures, and vividity of the outdoors. 

PS: Our interiors are freshly repainted! Stop by to say hello and see what's new.  



New from Paper Collective, "Cities of Basketball" is a photo series by Danish artist Kasper Nyman, who started documenting basketball courts around the world in an ongoing project. Nyman is an aesthete anthropologist, writing that he works from a curiosity of the global language of basketball, that "these courts have a deep-rooted history, [revealing] not only an aesthetic image, but represent[ing] a larger culture and platform being used on a daily basis."



We're calling the next "trending" plant ... it started last fall when we suddenly started noticing cut pampas grasses showing up everywhere: bundled up and in vases in showrooms, on Instagram, in interiors magazines and blogs. It's funny how just like any other medium, houseplants slide in and out of popularity (ie: Monstera leaves, fiddle leaf fig trees, tall cacti, eucalyptus branches...) 

As for pampas grass, technically it's categorized as an “invasive” (aka: a weed!) but we’re really liking the way the feathery texture and exaggerated proportion looks when styled inside or left to dry. You can find them bundled and sold at specialty flower shops (or just keep your eyes open on your next road trip to clip a few on the journey home).

Above, a few favorite vessels for displaying a similar arrangement.

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