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Nannie Inez + Frond Plant Shop Perfect Plant Pairings Recap

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our event on Thursday. It was great seeing new faces and reconnecting with familiar ones.  We also want to extend a massive thank you to Sara with Frond Plant Shop for answering all our plant questions and for setting up the fabulous Frond pop-up in our shop. 
Below are the FAQs with common plant questions and tips in case you weren't able to grab a sheet at the event or you couldn't make it.
On behalf of the Nannie Inez team, we hope to see you again soon!


What does overwatering look like? Signs of overwatering include yellowing leaves and black stems. To fix this, pluck yellow leaves and cut away any soft black spots. Make sure there isn’t damage to the roots by removing plant from its pot and shaking soil from roots. If there are any mushy roots, cut them away. Repot plant with fresh soil and reduce the amount or frequency of water from before.

What does under watering look like? If your plant isn’t getting enough water or humidity you will first see browning, crispy edges on the leaves of your plant. Also, many plants will droop when they’re thirsty. Water immediately. Closely observe the plant and increase the frequency of watering if needed.

How to know when your plant needs to be repotted? If your plant seems to be doing well but is growing slowly or not at all could be a sign that your plant needs to be repotted. Also, if the soil doesn't absorb water very well, it could need a soil-refresh. When repotting, we suggest increasing the pot size by no more than 2 inches.

Leaving the plant in nursery container vs. repotting? This is all about personal preference! If you have a planter with a drainage hole then repotting is great. Houseplants can cause some worry when it comes to interior surfaces and the dirt and water/moisture. For this reason we like the “double-potting” method. The decorative planter acts as a cachepot and the nursery container has sufficient drainage to keep the soil fresh.

Pot size vs. plant size? Industry-standard in nurseries is to sell plants that are at their max size per pot size. With that said, not all plants like to be immediately repotted when transferred to a new environment. Ask about your plant’s needs to determine if it would benefit from a repotting. Sometimes you can repot with fresh soil in the same size container and don’t necessarily have to go up a pot size.

Reading your plant leaves? Basic rules of a green thumb:

  • —Yellow Leaves = Over-watering
  • —Brown Leaves = Under-watering
  • —Droopy Leaves = Under-watering
  • —Dropping/Falling Leaves = Insufficient light or over-watering
  • —Dark spots = Over-watering or fungus/pests


  • —Sansevieria “Snake” “Mother-in-laws’s-tongue”
  • —Zamioculous Zamifolia “ZZ”
  • —Philodendron Cordatum
  • —Peperomia
  • —Aralia ‘Fabian’


(the idea here - plants that you might see often as trendy plants but are actually not so easy to care for)

  • 1. Ficus Lyrata “Fiddle Leaf Fig”: These plants struggle to adjust to new environments which is why they’re on this list but when you overcome that, they’re actually pretty low maintenance.
  • 2. Philodendron Xanandu: These plants are usually easy but insufficient light can lead to problems due to overwatering.
  • 3. Ferns: Because if you’re a forgetful waterer like me, they go down quick without proper watering. If your fern looks dead just cut it back and keep watering. You’ll most likely see new growth in a few days.
  • 4. Dracaena: These drought tolerant plants are low maintenance if they’re receiving bright-indirect light but because of the fast growth and tightly packed leaves, they can attract bugs. Check the plant frequently and treat immediately.
  • 5. Cacti and Succulents: These plants really thrive best outside where they can get either direct sun or dappled light all day. If inside, make sure they have at least bright light all day. Let soil dry 100% before watering.


  • 1. Ficus Audrey: So hard to find but truly a beauty with light green velvety leaves.
  • 2. Maranta ‘Lemon Lime’ aka Prayer Plant: This particular plant is so striking with its lime green and dark green stripes.
  • 3. Monstera Deliciosa: This will always be a trending plant as far as we’re concerned. I call this my old-faithful. Each new leaf is a surprise and the care is surprisingly easy!
  • 4. Basically any hanging plant: When you’re a crazy plant lady and run out of floor space...wait! There’s the ceiling!

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