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Nannie Inez at Home — Chelsea Fullerton Jones

Home is where you are your truest you. Your memories, your travels, your life all tell your story. We are always honored when Nannie Inez plays a role in making your home speak more about you.

Today we begin a new series, visiting some of our favorite customers to hear how they make their home their own. Our first visit starts with Chelsea Fullerton Jones of Go Forth Creative, a design studio, here in Austin, Texas.

Chelsea Fullerton Jones
— Graphic Designer
Lives in Cherrywood Neighborhood, Austin, Texas.

What do you like to do most at home?

Kick back on the couch with my husband, dog and cat. I love it when we're all cramped together watching a movie.

Morning routine?

I work at home in a backyard studio so on weekdays, I'm anxious to get out there and start right away. I'll usually make an iced coffee, work a couple of hours, then eat cereal or toast.

On weekends, no alarms allowed!

What does your home say about you?

I like classic, clean design but have a special place for antiques and family mementos. I'm a tomboy. I love nature and collections. I love to travel.

At first glance, you would think I'm tidy but you should see the closets.

Favorite room and why?

Oddly enough, our bathroom. A hot shower with candles is my favorite way to chill out before bed.

What's one special piece in your home that you bought while traveling and what's the story behind it?

I have a tumbleweed in my studio (pictured above) that I scooped up on a road trip with a few girlfriends in Marfa. In West Texas, you can stop just about anywhere and pick through piles of them. The picture on the right is all of us in the car... somehow we managed to bring home a couple each!

Favorite Nannie Inez designer and why?

Tough to choose just one, but I've gotta go with HAY. 
The products and the details they put into them are just so damn clever. Take the DLM Table, for example. The table is light and has a handle so you can move it around easily from room to room. DLM stands for 'Don't Leave Me'. I smiled so big when Deeyn told me the meaning behind the name.


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