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How to Light a Room

Lighting is one of the most important elements of design... in fact, it might be the most important. Not only is the pendant, sconce or lamp a point of interest, it also sets a mood. Think of lighting as functional art and if it had a fashion world equivalent, it would be the designer handbag or the perfect shoe because it ties the whole look together. —Deeyn

Tip 01 — Dimmers, dimmers, dimmers.

Before even discussing the actual light source, invest in wiring for dimmers. Unless you need light to thread a needle in the dark, there is no need for bright overhead lighting. 

Tip 02 — Layer in the living room.

This is where you probably spend a good amount of your time. Having a combination of lights allows you to change the space for different purposes. Overhead recessed lighting if you're working on a project, a floor lamp if you're reading a book, and a low-lit table lamp if you're winding down and watching a movie. And a candle or two is always a nice touch.

Tip 03 — How do you use the room?

Think about the function of the room and the mood you're trying to set. Are you reading? Working at a desk? Entertaining guests? A large pendant or chandelier is best for a dining room. In the bedroom, you'll want a reading light by the bed and an overhead light for dressing. (Don't forget the dimmer, though!) 

And don't forget, you can custom order hundreds of lights through Nannie Inez. Email us at or call us at 512.428.6639 to learn more or place a custom order.

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