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How to Choose the Right Rug

And now… RUGS. This is a challenging area of design for most folks.

Don’t worry, we’re here to turn your question marks into style points! 

Tip 01 — Tie it Together.
A rug will unite the separate pieces of furniture in a room (especially in the living room) and visually delineate different areas of the home to make a more harmonious flow of activity for family and guests. A living room rug grabs all the furnishings which are lily-padding around the space and sets the stage for your latest Netflix binge, serving cocktails, or some quality (even if forbidden) sofa time with the dog.   

Tip 02 — Color and Texture.
Should you find yourself needing to introduce color to the room, feel free to use the wonderful trick of adding a colorful rug to your monochromatic space. Have enough color? Consider texture as a field trip for the eye to add visual excitement to what is otherwise a 2-dimensional surface… aka the floor.

Tip 03 — Function and Sizing.
We suggest starting with function in mind and sizing will fall naturally into place secondarily. For example, the living room rug should unite the seating area, so it should accommodate sofa, lounge chair(s), coffee/side tables. Back legs of furniture hanging out off the rug is ok with us, but tiny rugs in front of seating areas are akin to using a single bulb from a Christmas Tree strand as a chandelier. A kitchen mat should be wide enough to give you cushion in that area and catch the fall out from your culinary masterpiece.  



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