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Dressing your Walls

The best wall art tells a story, creates a mood, or adds some interest to your space. It is more than finding something to coordinate with the rest of your room; it is important to select a piece that inspires you every time you see it. Today we're highlighting the art from two Danish artists that will be the perfect addition to your space.

Kristina Krogh is an incredible Danish artist who favors clean lines, geometric shapes and contrasting patterns and textures that add interest to her pieces. We couldn't be happier to carry her gorgeously detailed artwork.

These Behind Blinds prints are an interpretation of the play between shadows and light and changes in shapes and the stories that emerge according to how the light falls.

Her Black Sun collection features thousands of dots printed by hand, which mimic the sunset migrational flight patterns of starlings. The starlings gather in large numbers in the marshlands of Jutland, Denmark and rise in massive formations as they choose a location to roost for the night. These prints are beautiful and delicate, offering natural inspiration in a minimalist tone.

Monika Peterson is another talented Danish artist who focuses on printmaking using hand-carved linocuts and a printing press to create limited edition prints of bold graphics, contrasting bright colors with dark backgrounds. By creating such intricate designs by hand, Petersen's highlights the little details seen in some of the simplest of objects.

Two of her newest prints we are carrying are the stunning Gold Poppy, on both white or black, and the fun Yellow Lemon. Each print is made by hand, creating a unique piece each time.

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