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3 Days of Design

3 Days of Design

In May, we packed our bags and traveled to Copenhagen for
3daysofdesign. We’ve had our eye on this event as it’s a newer design event that showcases a curated selection of work from a variety of creative talents – from designers, artisans and architects to producers. In essence, it’s a three day celebration that features emerging and established design brands across Copenhagen. What I found especially delightful during our three days was the opportunity to get a first look at product launches and celebrate the best of some of our design favorites in various intimate settings. 

Upon arrival, we traveled by bike (the best way to see Copenhagen) to each showroom installation. The perfect May weather added an extra feeling of joy and energy. Each location had a different vibe that felt more like a party than a design preview complete with music, drinks, nibbles and design talks. No detail was spared as we journeyed from each showroom to the next.  But I’ll get right to the best part: the few trends that I am eager to share with you. Some were more abstract ideas like graphic plants and others were more obvious trends like the plated stone tables — pieces that you’ll definitely see at Nannie Inez over the next few months. 

Most of these trend images are very candid just snapping a quick one so not to forget something. Only after 3DD, scrolling through images did I notice...hey...there are some themes happening here.

Graphic Plants

We’ve all come to love the impact and benefits of plants in our homes and I’m generally of the mindset that more is more but what struck me about the plant situation around Copenhagen were the minimal graphic plants. Being a huge plant fan, it strikes me as funny even as I write this that there can be trends in plants but it's totally a thing. It was not the usual jungle city vibe with every open nook filled with a plant, instead fewer plants with big graphic impact. 

Stone Tables

I started seeing these fairly recently but at 3daysofdesign, they were everywhere and I am so here for it! This autumn, expect to see a lot of column base tables (my personal favorites had a pleated stone column base) in monochromatic stones.
I saw this stone gorgeousness trend in variations of coffee tables, side tables and ooh la la as a dining table at GUBI. Stun-ning!

Pleated Lamp Shades

I wonder when it fell out of fashion for luminaries to be topped with a fabric lampshade? The current aesthetic in modern spaces calls for the lamp to be both a showstopper and a functional piece with most shades in glass, metal or simply exposed bulbs. I love seeing canvas lamp shades back in fashion. It adds nice texture and gives off a softened, more illuminated glow. Gimme a lamp that’s kicked up a notch with pleated lamp shade any day, please.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, this is one of my favorite trends. So much so that a few months ago I splurged on the Gravity Lamp by Gubi and am obsessed! The canvas shade so nicely illuminates our living room. It’s dimmable with a diffusing shade on both the top and bottom of shade which makes the light it provides so lovely and soft yet bright enough the be our main source of light in the evenings.

Copenhagen Hues

I know that winters are long and dark in Copenhagen but I imagine that spring and summer make it all worth it. If for no other reason, the light! It is so perfectly diffused and everything has a faint icy blue, light grey hue.  I am convinced that anyone with a camera can point and click a perfect photo in Copenhagen. The light just begs for photography. Here are a few of my favorite moments around the city and I am thankful that even I managed a couple good ones.

Sustainability in Design 

By sheer luck, I arrived at the HAY installation just in time to hear  Mette Hay and George Sowden give a talk about their brand collaboration. Sowden took us through a journey of his remarkable design career beginning with his early 2D method of design where everything was designed, produced and made in-house with the process taking an eternity to bring a product to market to the present: a fast-paced operation that operates through a worldwide supply chain. 

Over his career, he’s developed and launched many innovative products but what struck me most about his talk was the time he spent discussing sustainability being the responsibility of the producers and how he feels it is the designer’s job to rethink the way we use products and produce waste. The Sowden Tea and Coffee Pot being the perfect example of this ethos. The design is classic HAY and looks real good making coffee or tea, but even better, this pot reduces the need for tea bags and filters cutting down on the amount of waste produced by standard coffee and tea accessories. 

Below, watch a conversation about coffee between Mette Hay & George Sowden.

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