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Mariage Frères Summer Tea

Designed By mariage frères

A shiny black glass collector's jar of loose tea with measuring cap and 1 packet of filter envelopes.

Ingredients — 5.6 oz loose tea

Dimensions — 7" H container 

Made in France.

Flavors —

Earl Grey French Blue — Graceful and sophisticated, this classic blend reinvents itself by pairing the fruity, zesty and lightly peppery notes of refined bergamot with the sweet-scented hint of cornflower. 

Casablanca — A fine marriage of green tea with Moroccan mint and bergamot-flavoured tea.

The Des Maharajahs — This black tea, conceived as a tribute to the magnificence of Indian palaces, is dedicated to the carefree life of Maharajahs. A blend of Assam and Darjeeling teas, its taste of hazelnuts with a hint of vanilla is enlivened by a touch of citrus fruit.

The Iskandar — In a lavish tribute to Alexander the Great (Iskandar in Persian), king of Macedonia, pharaoh of Egypt, conqueror of Asia and India, cultivated leader, and political genius, Mariage Frères has blended a green tea with a large floral bouquet that evokes Greek arts and philosophy, crowned by a hint of menthol that brings a cool yet sunny touch to worldwide conquest.

Violetta — Floral notes, fresh and sensual: white flowers and spring time violet, clear and sprightly.

Summer Yuzu — Bursting with sunshine, it’s the perfect ingredient for making a smooth, blended granita. Flavoured with yuzu zest from Japan, its fresh and elegant aroma evokes airy notes of citrus like clementine, citron, lemon and orange blossom.


1) One cap full in a Filter-Envelope™.

2) Close the envelope and place it in a pitcher of water (or a bottle of mineral water) at room temperature.

3) Let it infuse in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Serve over ice.

    Delicious iced teas for the summer… and the rest of the year.
    These teas have been specially created to enjoy iced and are accompanied by a packet of clever Filter-Envelopes™ to simplify the cold-brewing process.

    Mariage Frères, which means “the Mariage brothers,” was founded in 1854 by brothers Henri and Edouard Mariage in Paris, France. They are credited with being the first to create the unique French blended teas, inspired by France's culinary and wine traditions. Like fine French perfume, each blend contains many ingredients that combine into something new and wonderful.  As a result, sampling Mariage teas is an adventure of discovery.  Today, Mariage retail tea shops are located throughout Paris (including the Louvre), in London and throughout Japan.

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