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Mariage Frères Classic Loose Tea

Designed By mariage frères

Classic canister of loose tea.

Ingredients — 3.5 oz loose tea

Dimensions — 4" H container 

Made in France.

Flavors —

Marco Polo — The most legendary of blended compositions, mariage frères' iconic fragrance of sumptuous fruits and flowers from China and Tibet is reborn in Blue Tea. Its indigo-blue cup offers a smooth elixir of sensual and gourmet nuances.

Milky Blue — Made with the utmost respect for the traditional methods specific to grand Blue Teas, the youngest leaves of this quality tea are picked early in the morning, when the fragrances of the plantation blend with the colours of dawn, then worked one by one and rolled, before being suffused with an elegant milky vapor.

Rouge Bourbon — Flavoured with ‘Bourbon vanilla’, this red rooibos displays great finesse. Delicate aroma, subtle taste.

French Breakfast — This perfect marriage of great and elegant black teas produces a rounded taste of malt and chocolate. Its highly developed flavour is both powerful and refined. A felicitous blend in the best tradition of the French art of Tea.

Chandernagor — A successful blend of spices commemorating a famous French trading post in India–cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and pepper.

Wedding Imperial — A glamorous blend steeped in the passion that weds the malty power of golden Assam tea leaves to the sweetness of notes of chocolate and caramel.

Lapsing Souchong — The most refined of smoky teas–its long, uniformly handsome leaves are carefully smoked over rare wood in a traditional manner. A rich yet subtle tea for daytime.

Black Orchid — Smooth black tea, round and silky, dotted with notes of vanilla.

De-Stress — To make your moments of relaxation a daily pleasure, Mariage Frères has created this blend of benevolent virtues. A wonderful green tea, light in theine, garnished with vervain, tea flowers, orange zest, lavender, camomile, tilia and cornflower – soothing and comforting.

Aviateur — Nobly evoking the legendary aviators, those consummate adventurers of the sky on a thrilling quest for new worlds, this gourmet tea combines the elegant aromas of Darjeeling with the exquisite notes of noble spices. A perfect, harmonious blend of velvety fragrances with seductive, floral notes.

Rouge Opera — The curtain is up and our hearts sing for this lyrical elixir that blends, for the first time ever, the melodious fragrance of red fruits and precious spices crowned by vanilla and the soft, sweet counterpoint of red tea.

Fuji Yama — A green tea for connoisseurs, grown near Mount Fuji. Its fine leaves, grand aroma, and subtle taste indicate its outstanding quality.

Eros — A blend for lovers, flavoured with hibiscus and mallow flowers.

Sur Le Nil — Citrus fruit from forgotten lands and refined spices wonderfully scent this fine green tea.

Vert Provence — The hinterland of Provence in southern France explodes with plants, flowers, and fruit that all boast heady scents. In order to recreate the magic of this land, Mariage Frères has taken a grand green tea with a slightly grassy scent, and blended it with fruits from Provence, dominated by ripe red and black berries, creating an intense bouquet supported by the warm aroma of mellow lavender and the sweetness of rose petals.

Earl Grey French Blue — Graceful and sophisticated, this classic blend reinvents itself by pairing the fruity, zesty and lightly peppery notes of refined bergamot with the sweet-scented hint of cornflower. Balanced and full of body with ample and lasting flavour, the liquor floods the palate with its charm and majesty.

Mariage Frères, which means “the Mariage brothers,” was founded in 1854 by brothers Henri and Edouard Mariage in Paris, France. They are credited with being the first to create the unique French blended teas, inspired by France's culinary and wine traditions. Like fine French perfume, each blend contains many ingredients that combine into something new and wonderful.  As a result, sampling Mariage teas is an adventure of discovery.  Today, Mariage retail tea shops are located throughout Paris (including the Louvre), in London and throughout Japan. 

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