Nannie Inez Concept Store

n ă nn ē  ī n ĕ z

At its core, design-concept store Nannie Inez is a collection of experiences manifested in smart, interesting products. From Japan to England and back, Nannie Inez is on a constant worldwide hunt to bring a bring a whimsical and varied array of design elements to its South Austin and digital storefronts.

Inspired by products with soul, Nannie Inez goes one step further to investigate and tell the story behind its products and the artists who designs them.

Fans of dynamic design will find creative ways to explore their personality with the help of constant travelers and co-owners Deeyn Rhodes and Lonzo Jackson, whose goal it is to create a warm, welcoming retail environment that promotes design as a playful tool of expression — no matter the price point.

Donna Wilson Pouff 

Whether you’ve spent a lifetime collecting treasures or are just beginning to discover your point of view, Nannie Inez’s mission is to help you uncover innovative products — both familiar and exotic — that will enhance a lifestyle that’s uniquely your own.